What to Visualise When You Don't Know What You Want?
What to Visualise When You Don't Know What You Want?

Episode #38

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I've started doing ask me anything’s, live in my Facebook community they [00:01:00] happen on either a Thursday or Friday. We haven't got a time down at the minute. They're just happening as, and when I can fit them into my busy schedule, but I will be in a bit more strategic about when they happen, if you want to be part of that community.

The link to join the community is down below. I would love for you to join. Each week I ask people to share what their questions are about visualisation. manifestation affirmations, gratitude, creating a vision, and all of that good stuff.

This week, I did a reading for a member of the community who wanted to ask for guidance on visualising a new career move. Especially when you've been made redundant, and you have no idea which direction you need to go in for a better future.

This is a great question.

She also asked about how she could stay positive over the next few months as she navigates this new [00:02:00] part of her life and career moving through redundancy, staying in a high vibration, and starting a new career.

I've also created a podcast episode, if you prefer to listen and you can find that up above.

So the first thing that I always say to anybody that has been made redundant is congratulations. And the reason why I say that it's not to be flippant. It's not to be rude. It's not to undermine the emotions and the feelings that somebody might have when they have been made redundant. It is because. being made redundant is one of the most amazing opportunities that the universe will ever gift to us.

All too often, we will stay within our comfort zone. We will continue in a particular career in a job that we don't necessarily love. A job, that doesn't light us up inside that isn't inspiring us, that isn't empowering us. And isn't [00:03:00] making the most of the amazing superpowers that we have.

And so when we are made redundant it is the universe giving us a beautiful gift and opportunity for you to do something different for you to get that little gentle nudge and push, to start something new.

If you have been made redundant in the past, if you have spoken to people who have been made redundant, you will probably know how their lives have gone down completely different paths, new directions, hopefully all positive. Because they were able to have that time to think and get clear and go down a different path and take new opportunities as they come up.

But what do you do when you don't know what to do when you haven't really got an idea when you want to do something different, but you just don't know what that thing is.? Now, one of the things I always say about whenever we visualise a new reality is that we need to get incredibly clear [00:04:00] on all of the details so that we can manifest that into our reality.

Unfortunately, when we have no idea and we need to move fast and achieve this new destination, a new career, but we don't know what that is. It's really difficult to get clear. So the thing that I suggest you do instead. Is to not get clear on the job or the career or the details of that job, but it's to get really clear on the various elements. Of that position. So for example, who are the kind of people, what characteristics do they have that you will be working with in the future? What kind of boss are you working with? What is your team like? What does your office look like? What does it have? Really nice deco and interior.

Does it have comfy seats does it have coworking spaces and all of those amazing, good stuff. That are really good to help us work. What values does the company have, and are they in [00:05:00] alignment with your own vision and values?? So you may need to do a little bit of work on yourself in terms of what are your personal visions and values.

What kind of work are you going to be doing? You're going to be outside. Are you going to be inside? You're going to be speaking with people., customers, young people, old people. What kind of people are you interacting with on a day to day-to-day basis? Are you working inside or are you working outside? Are you working from home mostly?

Or are you out on the road? Are you in a car? Do you have a company vehicle? What perks do you have? What is your salary? Do you have health care insurance? Do you have, counseling support? Do you have, a holiday on your birthday what kind of equipment are you working with? Do you have the latest laptop or an apple Mac or whatever apple products that are out there?

How will it make you feel every morning when you get up? How excited are you going to be? What are the feelings and emotions that you're going to have before you even [00:06:00] start your day in your new career and start to get clear on that using all of the senses, what does it look like? What does it feel like? What does the cafeteria smell like? What does the food taste like in the neighboring cafes and restaurants?

What does it feel like to touch your desk and your new equipment? Use all of the senses and get really clear on that part of the vision. Now you're probably going to have to do that a few times. Because once you have done that initial clarity work, the next step is to meditate just for 10 minutes, daily.

And after that 10-minute meditation, when you are in a nice calm state, start to visualise. And then once you have done that in as much detail as you can, you can then create an affirmation that states in the present tense, what that new situation feels like. and looks like.

So for example, you might say something like I have the [00:07:00] most amazing job and I work with the most amazing people who light me up every single day. I'm doing work that is inspiring and empowering, and which helps so many different people in all corners of the world. And it provides. Stability for my family, that I can put food on my table, and I can live a life that I never thought I could. And I'm grateful every day and excited to get up every single day in the morning.

You can create information in any way that you want, but the words that we use are incredibly important in helping us to manifest that new reality, because the words that we tell ourselves each and every day have a massive effect on our reality.

So if you are maybe going through redundancy right now, or, you're thinking about just handing, your notice in and you're not sure what's next. Using that feeling of maybe nervousness, fear and trepidation and flipping that to excitement because [00:08:00] the way that we physiologically feel excitement and nervousness in our body is exactly the same. We feel it in the same part of our body, in the pit of our stomach. If we train our mind to think that is an exciting adventure that we are going on and not one to be feared or scared of what is going to happen next, we can completely transform our reality and our future moving forward.

One of the other things that can help you to get really clear. On this new career when you're not totally sure is to think about what did you love to do as a child when you were about seven years old? Did you like drawing? Did you like reading? Did you like going to museums? Did you like kicking leaves in the park?

Some of the things that we like to do when we were around the age of about seven, that we did intuitively. That we would go to our room and pick up the thing that lit us up inside. Those are the things that we can use for clues and how we can live our life in the future as adults. What [00:09:00] were you the go-to gal for when you were at school or guy?

What did people come to you and ask questions for and advice on? Because those are the things that may give you a clue as to what you could be doing in the future. The other thing that I advise is to get clear on some of the buzzwords and keywords that are within your vision and values. So for example, if I were doing this today, if I were made redundant today, I would, when searching for jobs would be to look for keywords like spirituality, inspiration, gratitude, passion, purpose, visualisation, and I would search for jobs with that in mind.

Now you probably only going to get a few jobs that come up because people don't write very exciting job descriptions, but if you find any job descriptions with those words within them, that means that the person who has written that job description or that company has vision of [00:10:00] values that are in alignment with your own vision and values.

And that might just open up new opportunities down the road. So when you've got clear, when you've meditated, when you visualised, when you've created an affirmation, it's time to just let it go. Let go of the how and when and the why and what is going to happen next. And the next part is just to act, speak to people, tell people that you are being made redundant, create a CV, send your CV far and wide.

As far as you can send it. When I left my job, I just simply, I wrote my CV. I wrote my objective, which included what I was not willing to compromise on. And that made it very clear for potential recruiters to know whether I was in or out immediately when they read my CV and I applied for about 200 jobs and within a space of one week, I had six interviews and I was actually offered two of those positions.

[00:11:00] One of those positions. When you read the job description, it was so boring. And had I actually done the due diligence and read the job description and person specification. There is no way on this planet that I would have applied for that job because that job description said things like working with, businesses, to uptake broadband and super-fast broadband and increase their capabilities using the power of broadband.

It sounded so, so boring, but that job that I got changed, my entire life trajectory, it was actually a part-time event, marketing, position. It was a junior position. It was about 20 grand, less a year than what I was making in the position that I had just quit. But I had built up a steady income blogging with my simple blogging network community. And I was making about a thousand pounds every month just from blogging. So I knew that if I got a [00:12:00] part-time junior position, I could make things work.

But as I got in the interview and I was sat in front of the two interview ladies, I realised that what they were describing. Was something that I could not just be a cog in, not just a cog in that program, not just the marketing and events junior coordinator, whatever that position was called, but I could actually run this whole thing. I had all of the skillsets to manage that program. And as I was sat in that interview with those interviewees, I was hardly listening to the questions, and I was just having a conversation with them.

I wasn't nervous. I wasn't feeling scared. I was having a conversation and just thinking in my head, wow. I could actually manage this whole program about a couple of days later. I got a telephone call saying, can you come back in? We'd love to talk to you. We've got this idea. It's a little bit weird and strange.

We're not sure if you're going to be up for it, but will you come back in? I met them in a hotel lobby, and they said, look, [00:13:00] you can have this marketing and coordinator job. It's only two and a half days a week. I know that it's a lot less than what you've done previously. If you want it, you can have it, but we'd love you to run the whole program.

We'd love you to have oversight of the whole marketing department and the events department and manage the marketing events coordinator team and manage the project assistants and manage the business advisers and have complete control and delivering all of these events around the Leeds City Region, which was at that time about nine different local authorities.

And I would be project manager and I would be going to project board and present steering board and all of this good stuff. And it was utilising all of the skills that I'd got up until that point. But I, when I applied for that job, I applied from marketing coordinator job, a junior position, but what I ended up with.

Was a project manager position, which turned into a senior project manager position, which turned into five other business support [00:14:00] programmes down the line, supporting thousands upon thousands of businesses up and down the country. It included upscaling so many businesses within my local economy that I increased the GVA, the gross value added by over 40 million pounds.

And that was just from me writing and affirming on my CV and saying what I was willing and not willing to do. And you can do the same.

The other thing that you can do as you go through this period of time, it can be calm a little bit when certainly at times you might feel, or it's not going to happen for me, I'm working so hard. I just don't know where it is. I'm feeling really down today. I advise people to create a. Toolkit a toolkit that is going to help you get back on track.

Whenever you are feeling down, you don't just need to use it in situations like redundancy, but whenever you are feeling blue, and this toolkit is based on [00:15:00] all of the senses. So what lights you up get you excited through the sense of sight? Is that a picture?

Is it an artist? Is it a movie? Is it a book that you like looking at a comic? What do you visually like to look at? Is it the countryside? Is it a bird in the tree? Think about all those different elements that really light you up inside. When you think about the sense sight, then move on to touch. What do you like to touch with your hands that makes you happy?

Is it a blanket? Is it a favorite pan? Is it a feather? Is it a crystal? Is it stroking your cat or dog? Is it running your hands through the grass? Is it, planting flowers? What do you do with your hands that can give you so much joy?

The next sense is sound. This could be your favorite music. It could be the sound of the birds in the trees. It could be having a conversation with somebody you love what sounds get you excited. Smell. What smells [00:16:00] do you really like? Is it a candle? Is it having a hot bath with essential oils?

Is it the smell of flowers are freshly cooked grass? What smells do you love? Is it your favorite food? Which brings me on to taste? What food do you love to taste? What foods could you eat when you were feeling low, that are going to lift you up? When you've done that. And also if you want to think about intuitively our sixth sense, one of the things or the things that make you happy, the other things that you like to do think about all of that and create a toolkit, create a list of all those things that you can have in your back pocket.

Whenever you are feeling down and as always give gratitude for the things that you have in your life. When we're made redundant, we can start to feel less happy because we might think we might have less money coming in a few months’ time but be grateful for the food that is on your table.

Be grateful for the car that you drive. Be grateful for all of the skills and experience that you have amassed [00:17:00] up until this point. And when you do that, you will have more things to be grateful for in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and podcast and if you are going through redundancy right now. know that this is an amazing opportunity that you can turn into a massive positive.

I look forward to sharing more with you very soon.

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