The Red Bouncy Castle
The Red Bouncy Castle

Have you ever noticed, that sometimes, the things you want the most in life, are often the things that are most difficult to attract? They are normally the big needed changes, the huge life changing things that need to shift to get you to where you want to be.

It might take weeks, months or years to receive and achieve them…

…then other times, you might instantly attract something you want.   Like a new coat or a parking space that shows up in a busy car park.

Why do you think this is?  What makes some things easier to attract than others?

Well…it all boils down to resistance and the presence or lack of it.

Let me explain with my favourite story. 

It’s just not any story, it’s my real-life story
of the ‘Red Bouncy Castle.'

Once upon a time, I was a shy, small 4 years old, with very little confidence.  One summer, whilst on holiday at the seaside with my Mum and Dad, as my dad tucked me in to bed and after I had been mulling the idea over in my mind for some time.  I said to my dad.

” Daddy, I want to jump on a Red Bouncy Castle all on my own”

That day I’d passed a few bouncy castles on the seafront.  They were all filled with louder confident taller kids.  I’d plucked up the courage to have a go, only to have my fears confirmed by being bashed about by the boisterous older kids, who weren’t afraid to push me out of the way, stand on me or even notice me at all. 

“I’m not sure we’ll find one, just for you, sweetheart, they are always so busy. Plus, we are going home tomorrow, I’m not sure we’ll have time, Goodnight Elizabeth.”

“We will daddy, I know it”.

 That night I remember closing my eyes so tight and willing and believing in a great big red bouncy castle with only me on it.  I believed beyond all doubt that it existed and that it would appear the very next day.

And the next morning I awoke with the same conviction. I just knew deep down inside, that my dream would come true.  Our holiday was coming to an end and it would soon be time to return home.  After breakfast, we packed up the car and started to make the 60-mile journey home.

My Dad, always one for finding short cuts (or long cuts) when traveling anywhere, had decided today would be no different, for today, we would take a scenic route home.

I remember sitting in my child seat, looking out of the window, still dreaming of the ‘lonely’ red bouncy castle, with me happily jumping care-free from side to side, with no fear of bruises or trodden toes.

We continued to pass fields and hedges of winding country road, after winding country road.  I don’t really know why my dad had chosen to take this route, but I strongly believe that there was probably something greater than him guiding us home!...

…When, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something in the distance. It was Red and it was just popping out over the fields in the distance.

“Daddy” I said

“Look, a Red Bouncy Castle”

My Dad, still eyes fixed on the road ahead didn’t move his head. My Mum on the other hand, looked out of the passenger side window, casting her gaze across the fields, until there in the distance she SAW it.

“John, she’s right, there’s a red bouncy castle.”

At the next juncture, my Dad turned the car down a little lane and we approached the entrance to a Farmers field.

The grass was flat like there had been a summer fair. But there were no other cars in sight, nor people left. Just one man sat on a fold up chair, in front of the biggest red bouncy castle, I could ever have imagined!  (Except that’s exactly what I had done.  I had imagined it, just less than 24 hours earlier)

I remember the excitement in my chest. My heart was pounding. I don’t think my Dad could comprehend what we had found. Some conversation took place between my father and the man in the field as I eagerly held tightly to my Mum’s hand in anticipation of what was coming next.

Then my Dad gave me a nod and a smile, which signalled to me, that It was ok for me to run towards the bouncy castle, in that childlike excitable you might remember.

I clambered on to the red castle, it seemed so high off the ground for my little 4-year-old legs.  But I was so excited and I eventually managed to pull myself aboard!

I bounced and, jumped and ran from one side of the bouncy castle to the other, with jelly legs and sheer excitement.   I can still feel the freedom of being able to jump without the fear of other kids and much bigger kids bumping into me and pushing me over.

I had manifested my vision, because I had zero resistance to the possibility of bouncing on a red bouncy castle all on my own.  I had experienced the power of the Universe and what I now know to be the Law of Attraction.

I had done it!

The events of this holiday will always be one of my favourite memories, it means so much to me on so many different levels every time I recount it and it has come to define my existence and what my soul is here to teach.

I am blessed to have experienced and understood the power of visualisation at such an early age.  Whilst I didn’t really understand the how’s and the whys of how it all worked back then, what I did know, was that it did work and could work, when you believe without resistance that it could.

And so, if you’ll let me, I’d like to teach you what I have learnt, studied, experienced and implemented over the last 33 years to help you visualise the life you have always wanted.  Whether that be a red bouncy castle or a big fat real one!

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