The Christmas Gift of Superpowers
Christmas Gift of Superpowers

Episode #19

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In episode #19 we talk about our gifts or as I like to call them our superpowers, by going back over our guest episodes and identifying all those amazing skills and experiences that we all have to be grateful for. Merry Christmas to all my listeners and let's hope for a wonderful and more positive new year I hope you enjoy the Christmas Gift of Superpowers.

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Full Transcript

Beth: Hi, everybody. Welcome to episode 19 of the Visualise You show. I'm your host, Beth Hewitt. And this week it's a solo show, but a solo show with a difference. Right now, I'm getting ready for Christmas day, and it's going to be very different for everybody this year. And I'm starting to wrap the presents and the gifts. And so, it got me thinking about what should the podcast episode be about today and. It actually coincides with week three of the gratitude journey where we concentrate in, on recognizing our superpowers.

And so, this idea of gifts that we give to each other at Christmas, alongside the ability to recognize our own skills and experiences and the gifts that we have within ourselves and that we sometimes don't always recognize or pat ourselves on the back enough about them. And so, this is one of the questions that I have been asking in every single guest interview that I've done.

I have a question where I ask what do people consider their superpowers? And this is a way for people to really appreciate how amazing they are and in doing so, hopefully, it will inspire other people to recognize their own skills within themselves. So right now, in the gratitude journey, we're talking about superpowers.

Today's actual journaling prompt is actually what are your two main superpowers? And people are starting to share their superpowers in the community.

And so, this episode is actually made up of a recap of some of the answers to this question. What do you consider to be your main superpowers from the guests that have been on the show this year? So actually bringing together all of the responses to this question, I hope really brings a different dynamic to the podcast.

And then all this talking about Christmas gifts and the gifts and experiences that we all have got me thinking about a blog post. I wrote many years ago, I think about 10 years ago. And it was called, I have a gift for you.

Your best friend phones you out of the blue and announces that they have a gift for you. You immediately start to visualize the shape, size, and texture of the gift wrapped up in its beautiful wrapping paper with a delicate bow tied around it for decoration. You haven't seen your friend for almost 10 months now, but somehow now that you know that your friend has something waiting for you, you just can't wait to find out when the next train is leaving. You grab your Curt pack, a small suitcase with clothes for the weekend and invite yourself over.

You arrive on your friend's doorstep in eager anticipation, both wanting to see your good friend, but also longing to rip up the wrapping paper, to uncover your gift, all kinds of feelings and thoughts flashed through your mind. As you try to work out what your gift could possibly be once inside your friend's home, you make loose conversation with your best friend eagerly awaiting the conversation that will provide you with an inroad to where you get to discuss the unwrapping of your gift. The moment comes, and you look longingly at this mysterious box full of potential and grit, optimism.

You pull at the ribbon. And as the own rappels itself, you move onto the next task of removing the wrapping paper. And finally, you get the greatest satisfaction of opening up the box.

Inside you find a clock, but not any clock, a special clock. That has its own unique manual. And you eagerly start to flick through the instructions and imagine working out how to use the unique gift.

The clock is already ticking, and it mirrors the sound of your heartbeat. And you'll look at the face of the clock and that it shows the present time. In fact, it always shows the present time. Now, imagine if, at your birth, you were also given a gift.

in fact, you were given many.

Not ones wrapped up in pretty bows and wrapping paper, but ones that were deep inside your DNA. You also, you're very bean.

Why wouldn't you want to passionately on rap? You're real Gates in the same way you would eagerly unwrap a physical gift from your friend or your family. You wouldn't blink an eye at having to read an instruction manual for your latest. Got you to work out how to use it.

So why wouldn't you do the same with the unnatural Gates? Working out how to use our natural gifts is much the same as working out how to use a fund to get catchy. Once we know what we are good at, what we are passionate about and what we want to do with our gifts, we can accomplish so much more.

Remember you have. Everything you need to succeed right there inside of you just waiting to be around. It's always present, just like the time on the clock.

So, it's always nice looking back at some of the blog posts I used to write. Years and years ago, it reminds me that actually, the things I was talking about back then are the same things that I'm incredibly passionate about. And so, my quest and my passion right now in the work that I do right now is even more.

It's even more highlighted that this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. So, I hope you liked my blog post, and I hope it resonates with you. So, I'm going to hand over now to the guests. Who's been on the podcast over the last couple of months, I would have been able to do the podcast if it wasn't for my guests a few of them, I have known for a while, but the vast majority of them are people that I literally just met this year. And this just makes me even more excited for the guests. I'm going to meet in the very near future.

this is the question I ask. We all have skills and experiences that we amass over an hour life and Korea.

What would you consider to be your main superpowers?

Ananda Dejager: Yeah, people will always say, if I go for something, I go a hundred per cent. And I also wrote that in the introduction of my book. But giving a hundred per cent can mean two things, right? It can mean that maybe a hundred per cent when publishing something or you give a hundred per cent working yourself into an eating disorder.

It's also about balance. So, I think, but really putting my heart into things I do. And also, right now, being vulnerable, I think that is slowly becoming a strength. but I think everybody has their own superpower in

that sense,

so that I really believe in. So, I really like the question

Wendi: Well, the part that is inside of us, like I've developed this part because we all have it, the superpowers inside of each one of us, and we can develop it. It's to see the highest and best of ourselves. And maybe we don't see it at this exact moment. Still, we see it in the future so that we can see out five years from now that we are confident that we are, you know, energized, that we are healthy, that we are happy that we're in amazing relationships, that we are X, Y, Z in our business successful the way we see it.

In our business. So the superpower of being able to see first, the best in yourself, and to see that it is possible because you see that you're more than your physical body, that you see that you are, you know, your potential and that you see it in others, that you can support that vision and hold space for somebody else before they see it in themselves, that when two or more minds are Oh, waned in believing in somebody else.

And then helping to lift them up by your words, and by being a good listener and helping somebody get unstuck areas where they don't see it for themselves. So, I believe that that is the superpower that I continued to develop but have been developing over these years.

Beth: I love that. Yeah. How we can just raise each other open, just empower each of us to move on.

 Daniel:  I don't think I'm particularly great at anything, but what I definitely am good at is when I realise that I'm not good at something, is finding a way. To do it, to the best of my ability. so, I guess that is mindset and learning. I would never, you hear people procrastinate, especially when starting businesses cause the don't know what to do.

So that would drive me more to go and learn about doing it. And actually, at the end of it, you think, wow, look what I've achieved. Even though when I look at the start, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. So that mindset and I'm not sure, it’s always hard to, I think underlying and probably yes, but notice in it, probably not until the last of five years of really noticing.

Wow. Actually, I just go and do it rather than procrastinating and sitting and watching Netflix or whatever I'd much rather be. Reading a business book or listening to an audiobook or a podcast and learning. And I think that continued to learn and because obviously from a finance background, put me in front of a customer 10 years ago and I would just have had a meltdown, even when I quit my job only last year. And we hadn't had a phone number before because obviously, I was in a nine to five job. Even those first few calls that we got from customers I was really nervous because I've just never done that before now.

Actually, I quite like ringing customers because I guess they get to speak to me who started the business. Nobody's going to talk about the products and the business better than I am, and why they should buy, what value are they going to get? you can't teach that, but, putting yourself in those situations can be scary, like podcasts.

And I'm just talking about my story, something that. I used to hide behind the logo, and people thought it was a big business before. and that's only since we start sharing our story, that we're actually a small family business; sales have actually massively increased because people

see who they're buying from.

so, I guess that would just be my superpower, like learning and continually improve and these small steps that make big changes in the long run. 

Beth: I'm all for that superpower. I think learning and not having that mindset is, part of the journey for entrepreneurs.

Vanessa: Yeah. I think if I had to put on a hoodie and a Cape and what would be on my test would be a strategic empath.

Beth: I like that.

Vanessa: Because I'm extremely strategic. And I did not realize that it was actually a gift because I could literally, and I've done this with a whole lot of people where they'll come to me with an idea.

I'd love to do this, or I really enjoy this. And within half an hour, I'll have pen and paper out and we will have a whole business plan. The whole thing planned out. Yeah. This is where you can start. This is where these are going to be the speed bumps along the way, and you need to the step and then that's.

And for me, I just, both that was everybody does that. And people would literally sit back and be like, Oh wow. And then they can see the vision. Yeah. So, in terms of strategy, I've come to realize that is a superpower that I have because I just, I see it. I can just, it takes zero effort from me whatsoever, that is.

Beth: a superpower. And just the energy that you shared there, you got so excited about it. So, you can see that it's really part of you could almost like that presented with your problem right now, you would come up with this amazing Plaza.

Vanessa: I would, and yeah, I get really excited. And then the empath side is I think where my superpower comes during coaching because I feel really deeply, I can yell, what's not being said. So, in that way, I'm able to help my clients quickly find the money block. Because they'll be telling me the story, but something, I will quickly, I will feel where the pain was, and I'll be like, okay, there it is.

And I'll ask a question and they'll be like, Oh the one that I most vividly remember was I was in a coaching session with this one lady. And she was telling me this story. She was struggling with pricing, in a business because she was really struggling to charge clients. She felt that she should just give us the way.

But as she was telling me the story about how she's struggling with the clients, she said something about a mother and immediately I felt that pain, she wasn't saying it in a painful way and she wasn't sharing pain, but I just felt it. And I was like, what did your mother say to you? And she looked, you said, she said, I'm stupid. And that just, that was an aha moment for her. And she realized that she can't charge her clients because she feels she's stupid. So, she feels the clients aren't actually going to pay her. That's why she's she can't put out that, this is my fee. And so, so I really feel that's one of my superpowers is just when I feel that moment and then we're able to get to the block really quickly.

Beth: those are two amazing superpowers.

that's great to have those in your back pocket. Yeah. And I think a lot of these things do come up in this, come from our childhood. It could be something a teacher says to us, or our dad says to hers or our friend in the playground. And we don't realize at that time that they start to then bury somewhere in between as a manifest at a later point.

In time. And so, it just takes a lot of people back, lots of different layers, doesn't it to get to them. So, you're doing amazing work for people to break through that stuff. That's lovely to hear.

Pascal: you're in the business of improving someone's situation for the better and by the way, the request could be a positive one. I'm getting married. or it could be a challenging one. I'm losing sales on something. So, you're in the business of providing the solution. You should take great pleasure in designing a solution that is unique to you because you then would be the best at selling that solution to the other party.

If, for fear of almost a, for lack of success or criticism, you actually end up. Replicating what's already out there in the marketplace. I can guarantee your marketing will be so much harder for it just naturally, but also, you're not going to have any fun selling this at all. And so now when I say to people oh, by the way, I've integrated techniques about filmmakers and documentary makers in my coaching.

I say this with a smile because not only do I know that it works because I've had the pleasure of practising that, but I also know that in a way if it's not for you, you'll pass. And if it's for you as a customer, you're going to be actually engaged with me with even more Gusto because we find commonality here.

And I think for me also, when it comes to the practice of online marketing And reputation management. It is about self-expression number one. It took me probably 20 years to discover that, the idea being that. So, if you have, the chance to write an article, if you have the chance to put together a visual, if you had the chance to put together a short video, you will.

No matter how you try, and you will eventually end up by expressing your true self. Even if you try techniques and devices to hold that back, you will fail. You will fail miserably eventually to not do the best video ever because actually you connected with who you are as an author and discover your voice in the process.

And that's truly liberating. So, I would say that. I've in the last five years to me, since the film element is at the centre of my communication have been so much more enjoyable, rewarding. I'm not suggesting by the way that the last 20 years have not, but I suppose I feel really connected now with who I am as an individual, as a professional and as a content creator.

Beth: Yeah. And I think that's where I am now is that actually, I'm just me. I just need to be me and

Pascal: I can sense that certainly from what I've seen, and which is why it's a delight to see you doing, not only that, the business Visualise you, the podcasts and so on, and it feels, and I could be wrong. You, not You know, holding back any longer, because I always knew you as the very good creative writer.

I was always impressed by how you come up with a title for your blogs. Because while as I prefer video because I don’t have to write then, it's much better, but how does she do that? Impressive. I always thought that and the way in which you've been able to now have a vehicle for all of that.

 I think, again, the next few months, a few years are going to be a blast for you.

Jennifer: I met Enneagram four if that, to whoever is listening and that means something to them. but their strength of India grim for it. And that I identify within myself is, just the ability to be pretty emotionally honest and to be truthful. And so, I find that really useful when I'm connecting with people and I'm drawing out their stories and I'm trying to get. To the deepest kernel of truth. And I can tell, and it's okay, this is it, but it's not quite it. And we're getting closer and we're getting closer and we're getting closer. And when we really land on the word or the phrase or the, just the description of the experience that resonates, it's yes, that's it.

That's exactly how it felt. so really being able to cut to the truth of things and, cut underneath the layers and find the kernel of truth and, translate that in a way that's going to resonate with other people. I maybe that's the same thing as empathy. and maybe they go hand in hand, but I find that I'm that intuitive part of me is able to do that really well when I work with people.

Beth: That's cool. intuition is another superpower as well. So those are some great powers. It looks like a house.

 Jessie: Absolutely, my superpower is listening. Surprisingly, I love listening. I love listening to people. And when I listen, I'm nowhere else. And I realized recently that I listened because I truly want to understand them. And then by understanding them, I help them understand themselves.

I'm not trying to help them understand themselves. I'm trying to understand them. And just by the questions I ask, they develop a deeper understanding of themselves as they get to know themselves better through me getting to know them. So that is definitely one of my superpowers. And I think another superpower is my ability to enjoy life, to just go all at it. Just whether, no matter what I'm doing, I was paddling yesterday, and swimming and I just let everything go and I was there. And then when I'm here with you, everything is gone and it's just you and me. So, to really be able to be present so that I can really enjoy life.

Beth:  So, as you were going through and trying out all these different techniques and arts and finding your music, do you still approach life in that way? Or has that slowed down a little bit? Are you still picking up brand new things all the time, or do you think that will ever go away?

Jessie: Yeah, yes, I still am. I don't, think, it's not at the speed that it was when I broke free from perfectionism and I was just like any instrument, any piece of art, I just want it all. I was very much in an intense phase of exploration at that time. Now I still love, I love to learn. So, for instance, right now, it's the kitchen being in the kitchen.

I love to cook. I have a garden; I cook for my garden, and I love to bake. And so, I've been exploring pizza. And so, I have four different pizza dough recipes I've been making and fine-tuning each one. And so, I absolutely love exploring and learning. And I don't think that's ever going to go away no matter what has happened in my life.

I'm always going to want to be growing. So yes, it is still there in a very big way.

Beth:  I think I read somewhere that you also said that you are a connector of dots.

So, what does that mean to you? cause I've got views of what that means to me, but I'd be interested to know what that means

Lynn: for you

Yeah. I love that you asked that. I really think that's a superpower skill. These days is the way I think about it. And I actually think it's the new form of creativity. Because creativity has evolved, it's no longer just coming up with something in a vacuum and putting out in the world and a great brand idea.

So, when I talk about dot-connecting, what I'm really good at is taking a conversation like you and I are having and linking it to something random like I'll be having another conversation with somebody, tomorrow and I'll go. Oh, God, I was just on this podcast and dah, and then before I know it, I'm introducing you to this person and creating a whole new ecosystem and I do that quite a bit. And, and it actually for me is one of the ways I get inspiration because I just, I like to talk to different people, even if they seem like they have nothing to do with my business, or sometimes you'll just find that there's like a little germ of an idea.

Yeah. But he has, or you find out that job hunting and that, oh my God, I could connect you with somebody. Do you know what I mean? And I do that quite often too. It'sOh, I actually just talked to somebody. Who's looking for somebody like you.

Beth: We've mentioned one of your superpowers already, but would you say there's something else that you'd want to

Lynn: I would say I have two, I would say the dot-connecting for sure. But I would also say building high performing teams is my other one. I'm very good at, assessing talent, but not just based on what people have done, but based on potential seeing what people could do and then putting them in a position where they can do it.

And I think that's something people can learn. I think it is a little bit intuitive, but I think you can learn how to be better at that. And I think that's a real h helpful tool when you can do that because there are so many dysfunctional teams that get in the way of progress. So, if you can actually build a team that works really well together, that, supports each other, that people feel motivated and inspired, then you know, you're going to be way ahead of the curve.

I think.

 Jonny: superpowers., not superpowers that I'd love to have would be flying, but, I don't have that. What superpowers do I think I've got? I think I can bring the best out of people. I think I can bring energy. I believe I can make things happen, and I, believe that I bring accountability as well.

Those would be, I'm, yeah. I am confident. And it's just something that's. Part of me and, built into me, and I enjoy, stepping outside the box and, putting myself out there.

Beth: I think those are really great superpowers. And I think those exactly the superpowers that people need, when you're helping businesses, they need somebody who can hold them to account and they need somebody who can support them bring the best out in them

  LeSiren: I love that question. It's a very, intrinsic question. And I think when people probably hear that, they may think that you have several answers and you probably do because we're all gifted. You could be gifted in cooking, writing, singing, and looking after the children, that could be your thing.

So, we all have several, but there's one particular thread that will run throughout those gifts. And that's what we need to pay attention to. So, my particular thread, it comes under the umbrella of being helpful and supportive. So, you've heard me talk about being, emotive and, needing within a certain level of integrity, and feeling a sense of responsibility.

You've also heard me refer to waking up each morning; I'm thinking, okay, I'm going to find another way to navigate this challenge. So, they have a level of optimism. I have a level of motivation, self-motivation, and self-belief, but that's all within me to help someone. So, my gift is being there for somebody supporting somebody and helping in any way I can.

And the best way that I can describe it is in the simplest terms. It's this if we were having this podcast discussion at my home, and you came to my home, and I would offer you like the British dude, would you like a cup of tea?

Beth: love a cup of tea.

LeSiren: Get a bit of duck cotton in that cup of tea, went off the tee.

They went out the little tea cosy on it and do all of the jobs. Or if I made that tea, I would say to you, Beth, how do you like your tea? How many sugars would, how do you like your milk? And I'll be like, are you sure you want it this way? Or that way I'll be very specific. And that's because I like to make sure that you are, you have it exactly how you would have it as if you were at home.

If I put too much milk in it, I'd probably say, let me make another one just because I want to make sure that you are comfortable. You're happy. And we're in a position where we could have this conversation, and I could be supportive or helping or whatever. The reason for our discussion is. So, I say on; I've got to say this, that it's all for me.

It's about being there for somebody. That's what makes me tick. If I give you your cup of tea, exactly the way you like it, I'm happy. That's my reward. And that's how I know that's my gift.

Beth: a beautiful gift to have. I think we can all learn from a cup of tea, making a good cup of tea, the digestive biscuit.

James Mellor: I guess it's from obviously. I've got a whole breadth of knowledge. And I think one of my strengths is, and I'm sure you'll attend to this. I've recently done some business mentoring, part of, a partnership with the digital enterprise where we do some mentoring with some SME businesses. And so, it's giving back and sharing in that knowledge and, for me, it's unlocking whatever that roadblock is for that business or the SME business that they want to grow to the next level, but don't know how to.

And, if they come to me and say, where do you want to do some video? I don't know what to do. Or. It ends up being, have you thought about doing it like this, whether it's, have you thought about getting some video testimonials as a prime example and going, Oh yes. And I said once you've got that in that form, you can repurpose it across audio.

You can take elements out of it into your website, into your blogs. It's such a, once you've got the asset in that person saying this and this about your business, use it make, as you say, bang, the drum, which we're all sometimes not that doing us for ourselves and I think, yeah, having sharing that and, I think at the moment, going through a pivot in my business at the moment where.

Because of COVID. The only thing as I built up some really good partnerships and relationships with other businesses, within my network, within my area, to the point where I'm actually moving into, a larger office, believe it or not with its own studio space, which I'm sharing with a local photographer, but then we can then offer so much more from a packaging perspective.

Then we could do before. And that's quite scary given our current situations with local lockdowns and things with the COVID changing all the time, but it just feels like this is the right step to help build us to the next level.

Beth: Yeah. And I think in terms of. The superpower that you've identified. I think that's an incredibly important one to be able to help unlock those challenges that people might have. And sometimes they can't see that themselves because they're in the thick of the work that they're doing day in, day out. So that must be very rewarding to be able to identify that for them and help them along that way.

One of my main ones is intuition without a shadow of a doubt and connecting dots and hearing and seeing and feeling. What is being said without verbal cues? Intuition is my best friend. It very rarely is wrong.

And so that really is one of my main. Superpowers. My other superpowers are been super positive and spur some people. This will probably be a massive turn off and just incredibly annoying, but I like being able to help others easily switch on that positive button to learn, to be grateful for all of the small and tiny things that we have in our life. And to know that when bad things happen, it's probably for a reason that is completely, wouldn't be known to us at that time. And yet.

The journey of going through that heartache, that heartbreak those difficult times, it will be so worth it. In the end.

I really hope you've enjoyed today's special holiday edition of the podcast. The podcast really has been my gift to you. And I hope will continue to be a gift to you in the coming months and years. But also, it's been a gift to myself, a gift of myself, to be able to start to articulate my true, authentic voice.

if you have enjoyed today's episode or any of the previous episodes, please do leave me a review on iTunes. It really helps me out. It helps me to grow the podcast and to gain front of as many new people as possible.

So, to leave a review, you just need to go to iTunes. I will leave a video in the show notes of how to do that if you are not sure.

 I'm also excited about what 2021 is going to bring. I've been working really hard over the last couple of weeks on developing. So new offers and services that I will be bringing it to you in 2021. So, they'll be the mastermind and exclusive communities where we can continue this whole idea, all being thankful and positive.

For what we have because I truly believe that when we, as entrepreneurs are just soul-driven, spiritual people have that basis when we are fully present and mindful recognizing our skills and experiences, recognizing what we are amazing at recognizing I would need to be positive.

we can be more productive, happier, successful, and driven and determined individuals.

And I really look forward to sharing more on that in the coming weeks.

But until then, please feel free to come and find us in the Visualise You community. What on Facebook and you just need to go to forward slash community.  Have a wonderful stress-free peaceful Christmas if you do get to spend your time with your family, this Christmas.

really enjoy that time. And I look forward to bringing you more episodes

in 2021. Speak to you soon. Bye-bye.

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