Stressed out with Work? So Start a Business You'll Love
Stressed out with Work? So Start a Business You'll Love

Episode #16 and #17

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In Episode #16 Stressed out with Work? So Start a Business You'll Love - I'm joined by Ex Social Worker Le'Siran Edwards. We talk about her journey out of a world of pressure and stress to starting a business that was more in alignment with her natural gifts and talents and desire to help others. Le'Siran Talks openly about becoming a carer and putting her dreams on hold and how a career/personality test she took at the age of just 14, predicted the exact career and roles she would have in her adult life!

This is a two-part interview,, so check out the next episode to get the full story. Some of the key takeaways from this episode include:

How you might want to try something different when things start piling on top of you. There needs to be more support for social workers, especially when juggling their own life and needs.

How things seem to show up at precisely the right time (more on this in episode #17) Trying to stay in control when things get tough.

That those friends who can be frank with us and tell us the truth are worth their weight in gold! Sometimes we need to hear the truth!

How to deal with emotional attachments to colleagues and careers we've had for a long time, sometimes starting a business and pivoting away can feel like a breakup and if you have a dream, just got for it! Don't wait.

Whatever comes easiest to you is your gift and that doors will open for you when you step into your gift.

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