How to Improve Your Money Mindset
How to Improve Your Money Mindset with Vanessa V Ferreira

Epsiode #6

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In Episode #6 you’ll hear from Money Mindset Coach, Vanessa Ferreira as we discuss how you can improve your money mindset.

Money Mindset is such an important topic, especially if you are someone who is creating and bringing amazing content, products, and services into the world. But maybe you don’t feel you’re being completely compensated for all your hard work and effort. It could be that your money blocks are holding you back at a subconscious level!

Vanessa’s path started to change when she wanted to have more financial control in her life. We cover wealth consciousness & reprogramming the mind. We also discuss money blocks, what they are and why you need to shift them to hit that next level of income.

How you can navigate money blocks in a relationship when you both have entirely different views about wealth and how you can be both corporate, and heart centred as an entrepreneur. we also cover how the words others tell you at any age but significantly as a child can impact your relationship with money and your earning potential as an adult.

There is a lot of value in this episode. I can’t wait for you to hear and hopefully, you'll learn how you can improve your money mindset too!

Enjoy the show.

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Full Show Transcript

Hey everybody welcome to episode six of the Visualise You show. I'm your host, Beth Hewitt. I am so excited to have you hear today from our guest Vanessa Ferrara.  

Vanessa is a money mindset coach, and this topic is such an important one, especially for anyone who has maybe put amazing things out there in the world, but you're feeling compensated for your efforts.

It could be that you have some money blocks that are holding you back at a subconscious level. I particularly love when I get to speak with people who have had multiple careers, just like me, that on the surface feel that they are not connected, but when you put them all together, you can start to see the journey that their career has taken.

In this episode, we discuss how Vanessa's path started to change when she wanted to have more financial control in her life. We cover wealth consciousness and reprogramming the mind. We also discussed money blocks, what they are and why you need to shift them to take you to your next level of income. Plus how you can navigate money blocks when you're in a relationship or partnership with your significant other, and you have completely, different views about wealth.  

How you can be corporate and heart-centred as an entrepreneur and how the words, we hear at any age, but especially when we're a child can impact our relationship with money and earning potentials as an adult.

Oh, my goodness. There is so much good stuff in this episode. I cannot wait for you to hear. Also, check out the show notes for all the resources mentioned in today's show as well as my gratitude journey challenge that is coming up in December. Enjoy the show.

Welcome everybody to the Visualise you show. I'm joined today by Vanessa V Ferreira, and she is a money mindset coach. She helps online female coaches break through their money blocks so they can scale their business to six figures and beyond. 

She has a group coaching course called Money Mindset Mastery, and you can see her teaching regularly on her live Facebook page. At m /VanessaVF

Okay, Vanessa, thank you so much for joining us today. I like to start the show, just learning a little bit about your journey. So tell us about you, where you're from, what it was you were doing previously and how you came to be a money mindset coach.

Changing Your Job a Few Times At the Start of Your Career

So it's been a really interesting journey because when I was looking through just what are we going to chat about, and I thought to myself, what is the first job I ever had? And I realised it was when I was 16. I left college because I decided that no, that wasn't for me—the educational route.

Yeah. And I started selling vitamins, and you won't believe me. I used to go to pubs to sell vitamins. So clearly that job did not last very long. But yeah, so from there I did a whole lot of different things, and I did end up going back to college because I realised education is a little bit important, but yeah, I did a whole lot of different things cause I was never really sure on what it was that I wanted to do.

I was about 19. I discovered psychology. And I decided, okay, I'm going to study psychology. And that's what I'd like to do. And because I, was never really academic, my grandfather used to help me with my studies because I didn't understand these fat textbooks and that. And So eventually he sadly passed away, and he could help me.

And I decide, I can't do this on my own. And so I just chopped and changed. I worked in security. I fixed sewing machines; I designed wedding dresses. I did a huge range of different things. And eventually, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I got onto the corporate ladder.

Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder 

My type of personality is when I commit to something I'm all in, and I do the absolute best that I can. So climbing the corporate ladder became just the next obvious step for me. And because I was hardworking, and at that point, perfectionism was a strong point for me. Because I was perfect and diligent in what I did; I got to climb the corporate ladder.   

And I did that for almost a decade. And then, yeah, when I was pregnant with my second child, I got fired, and it was a huge blow to me. And I think this is probably one of the biggest pivots I had in relooking at everything that I was doing because then I realised okay, I don't have any job security because I was doing really well. I was actually offered a promotion, which I turned down. So it just came out of nowhere. 

And I realised I don't have any control over my finances. And that was, I think where everything started changing for me. And then that's when I decided no I'm going to become an entrepreneur.

I'm going to take back control, and I'm going to start my own business. And. From there. It also just spun out into different things. Because first I started doing photography because that was my hobby. It was what I loved doing. So I got a studio, and I was doing photography. And then I started going into printing, and eventually, I bought into a franchise, and I came to a point where I realised, okay, I now have my own business.

And I owned a job because I still didn't have the freedom that I wanted. I still didn't have the time that I wanted to spend with my kids. And I realised okay, now I own this, but I'm still working just as hard. And I ended up selling the photography franchise and started homeschooling my girls and just looking at what else is out there.

Discovering Financial Freedom 

And then one night a friend of mine invited me to this presentation and it was actually for network marketing. I was like, okay, this is totally different. It was like, wow. Okay. What is this? And they were talking about time, freedom and financial freedom and I got onto reading Robert Kiyosaki's book.

And I discovered financial freedom. I would say that was another serious pivot for me is that I absolutely fell in love with the subject. It was just I was consuming everything and anything I could about financial freedom. And I started doing a lot of Robert Kiyosaki's, courses and things.

And learning all these different things and eventually, I ended up in the online space doing internet marketing. So it was one of Robert Kiyosaki's course. He recommended this course, and I went onto the course, and it was very salesy. And I was like, man!

Beth: Not for you.

Vanessa: But it brought me into this online space, and that was like, another world completely opened up to me. It was just like, Oh wow, you can actually do this. You can have the freedom and work from home. I actually started as a life purpose coach, because I could take all this experience and these life lessons that I had learned about and I realised when I was in corporate, even though I was climbing the corporate ladder. I thought I was going after something, but my life still didn't have a purpose.

It was work, work, work, work, work, work, you know. I realised that so many people live in mediocrity. We're just surviving. We don't really have a life. And that's how I started off online. 

And I tried different things like blogging; I had a podcast at one stage. I was selling courses, and I kept chopping and changing. And I think it's the more we realise that this isn't really what we want to do, but we are still searching for something. So in that part of my life, there was a lot of money stuff. I was teaching. And I was teaching about this financial freedom, all these things that I had started to discover.

What is Wealth Consciousness? 

I felt that I was being drawn more and more to the money side of things. And I worked with one coach, and in one of her pieces of training, she mentioned the word wealth consciousness. Okay. What's that? I've heard all of these 'financial freedom' terms, and I know the very practical aspects of strategy in terms of your finances, you know how to manage your money and how to invest better and, and how to think.

Not necessarily 'think', but to think differently about the money that you have. And then with wealth consciousness, it was about completely reprogramming the thoughts that you have. And I discovered how the brain works and about neuroplasticity, and that led me on a whole other journey. 

So I think I've been on a journey of discovery and eventually, it brought me to a point where I discovered that money mindset is what I'm super passionate about.

Beth: Your journey has so many similarities with my own. So I left school at 16, worked for a couple of years and then decided actually I need to go back into education. So like you did. And then I've also had different careers that do not seem on the surface to link in any way, but it's almost about the journey instead.

The journey that you go through, you can take all these skills and experiences from all of that, which has led you to do what you do today. And then what you said about network marketing. For all its bad press, I think a lot of people give the network marketing industry bad press.

Sometimes, actually, it is one of those industries, which goes hand in hand with personal development. People learn on that journey, whether network marketing works for them or not. It seems to set people off on that catalyst of actually learning more about personal development, learning more about financial security. So it's really interesting to hear about your journey.

 I do really resonate with what you said, and I think it's great now that you've niched down in, into this money mindset area. You've got so many kinds of skills and experiences to share with other people who are going through the same experience as they're trying to find that out for themselves.

So can you identify that exact moment when you knew you had to shift? You moved from being a life purpose coach and then moved into the money mindset. What was that? Was it just like looking back on your experience and going, these are the bits that I'm more interested in or was it more subtle than that?

Vanessa: I think it was; it was a journey. There have been pivotal moments when I shifted. And that was like when I discovered the financial freedom when I got fired when I discovered wealth consciousness.

And then also throughout, my journey at various points, I had my own coaches, like when I was in corporate, I had a coach who used to work with me.

And when I started with the psychology. I've always had this love for coaching in a sense, But then with the money mindset, I think it was just as I was trying all these different things. I started discovering, and I was more and more drawn to it.

And then when I started sharing a lot of the things that now just became automatic for me because as you grow and you develop, you start to share more. And I got to a point where I was thinking like, okay, everybody knows this stuff. And then as I share something, I would see somebody have this absolute wild moment.

Oh my gosh, are you serious? Is that all you needed? Is it only that simple? And my whole business is going to change; this is going to change in my life. I'm like, yeah. It's that simple. I think when I saw more of that, And I just have this, if you could speak for an hour, what would you speak about?

I think it's just been. It's been a gradual move towards just finding that thing.

Beth: I think what you said then about, when you're in the midst of the subject matter, that you're interested in, you forget that for other people, this information is brand new to them. And sometimes I've held back in the past. You know like, maybe I won't write that blog post because everybody knows that, but actually, they don't. It's strange, isn't it?

So I think we get lost sometimes in our knowledge of something because we don't think it's going to be received the way that it does. 

So I just want to lean into the kind of work that you do a little bit. So what kind of things do you get asked to work with people on? Is it about Mindset blocks? Is it how to get from £5,000 to £10,000 a month? What kind of things come up for your clients?

Vanessa: It's different things for different people because some people have money blocks, but they don't realise they have money blocks. So I have talked a lot about money symptoms. So you might have a symptom of let's say procrastination or perfectionism or Imposter syndrome—these kinds of things.

So they might be struggling with these kinds of things, not realising that there's a money block that's underlying, and until they deal with that core thing, the change isn't going to happen. So sometimes somebody will come to me and be I'm procrastinating. I'm really struggling to move into the next level.

Then we will dig in deeper and look at, okay, what is it? Sometimes people come to me, and they're like, I know I have a bad relationship with money. I don't even know how much is in my account. I'm too scared to look at my account. It's like when I swipe the card; I hope something's going to go happen.

So it's, it's different because some people will come just purely on the level of, I need more money.

Beth: Yeah.

Vanessa: I've done the financial freedom side, and I also, I did my financial master coach training through Ramsey solutions. So on a personal financial level, I'm equipped to help people.

Then it's looking at things holistically. You have, what are you thinking, but what's causing that? Where are the blocks coming from? What is still blocking it now, and how can we change that on a practical level? What are you going to do with your money and let's reprogramme your mind?

And then I'm giving my clients the tools so that they can do it because money blocks are something that it's not how can you say. You break the block, and it's gone. It's kind of like in levels because different things are going to show up at different times and they might come to me and say, okay, can you please help me out?

Once you have your business in a place where you want to earn £5000 a month, and you can deal with that. But then when you want to move to £10000, something else is going to show up a different kind of block that wasn't really a problem at £5000k. Because what happens is a lot of times we have money limits. And especially if you've come from a corporate background or you've been in that job environment, you would have earned a certain amount of money.

So you're comfortable at that level. So once you get your business to that level, it feels good. But as soon as you try and push through that, then the block shows up.

Beth: That's so interesting. So it's ongoing. You can break through some blockages, but then when you want to hit that next level in your business, something new is going to come up. 

What to do if me and partner have different views about money?

What would you say to somebody who's maybe in a relationship where you might have a really healthy relationship with money, but maybe your partner has got a completely different view?

Maybe it's that lack versus abundance mentality in a relationship. Is it just you as an individual who can make that shift? Is there anything in this kind of bouncing that off against a partner? Does that also make a difference in receiving money?

Vanessa: This is really huge. And I think a lot of people don't understand this because a lot of times in this partnership, what happens is most of the time. The money is going in together. We are earning. We need to pay this bill and things. So now you have the one, like you said, who has got a good mindset about money because their background was different.

They grew up differently, and the other person might not have such a good mindset around money. Or even when you have money personalities there, it could be one person could be the typical avoider, and the other person could be the saver. If these things aren't dealt with in a relationship and, we've heard it so many times. What is one of the biggest causes of breakups in relationships? It's money!

Beth: Yeah.

Vanessa: So I do coaching with couples. We always do the finances together, and we would work a plan together because once you've got a plan, it's easier to go forward because then if one person, even if they've got the scarcity mindset, if you've got a plan, for instance - I teach my clients to have the financial freedom account.

So every single month, there's a certain amount of money that goes into that account. And it doesn't have to be huge amounts. You can start with as little as what you have but just start with something. So when that money's in the financial freedom accounts, if one of the partners is let's say a female coach. So it's usually the female coach who wants to upgrade their business and invest in their business. Then their finances are there. They don't have to say, Oh, I need to ask my partner's permission, because then it's literally going to the partner and saying, I would like to invest this in my business. And this is why I think it's a good investment. This is how much we've got in the fund.

And it doesn't become that struggle. In terms of both partners, don't have to radically change their mindset because a lot of times, when you have a couple, there is one person who is the stronger, go-getter and then usually the other person is the supporter.

I'm going to encourage you. I'm going to help you. I'm going to take care of the kids when you need to do something. Most of the time it's like that. So you don't have to have two people radically changing their mindset necessarily. But if they have a good plan, then it makes it easier because he knows, or she knows that they have X amount.

One of the things I recommend is having a personal amount of money every single month for each person. So that if one person wants to go and blow it on candy. Like it's their money, so they can if they wish to, but then I also know some couples are like, this is my money.

That's your money, and I will pay X, Y, and Z. And you are responsible for that. I'm responsible for this. Which does work a lot of times, but sometimes it doesn't because for me, if you're in a partnership, you're in a partnership and the way you do money is the way you do everything.

Beth: That's fascinating. I think it's really fascinating in how that dynamic plays out. 

Can I be professional and heart-centred in my business?

When I was looking at your website, one of the things that really attracted me to the work that you do was how you've combined what some people would perceive more as corporate professional money, the financial aspect of your business, with the kind of heart centred soul woo-woo side.

And I think just coming from my personal experience, that's been something that I found a little bit. Difficult in that I've had many different careers. People know me with lots of different hats on, and they know me for maybe one particular thing, or they see me doing something online. And throughout all of that time, there's been this calling within me that has always been spiritual.

And that's never changed for me throughout that time. But yet it's difficult sometimes to bring those two together. Or it has been difficult for me to get those two together almost because it's how the other person perceives it, which is the wrong way about going about it. 

So what I liked about what you're doing is that you're open about this is what I do, but also this is for people who are heart-centred and want to master it from a spiritual aspect as well.

So can you just talk a little bit about that? Have you just being able to step into that straight away and own that? Or was it a kind of journey in bringing those two elements together?

Vanessa: I think that I was spiritual before I was anything else. So that Is just me. I've been aware of the spiritual realm since I was a very young child and through different experiences that I had. I just can't deny that. It's just a part of who I am.

Beth: Yeah.

Vanessa: So I think it's not so much that I've never been like that. At one stage, I actually taught a course. It was called biblical wealth secrets. I went through the Bible, and I took a whole lot of the biblical stuff and what it actually says in scripture about money. And I taught this course, and I got a lot of flack from a lot of people because they were like, no this is God's, and you can't put the two together and I'm like, you cannot separate the two!

You cannot, so yeah, so for me, the spiritual has always been there, that's just who I am, and the other stuff is what is the extra.

Beth: right?

Vanessa: I am spirit, and I come in this the body basically, you know? So that's the spiritual part that comes with the business also.

Beth: Yeah. I don't know why it's been a blockage for me, but I'm the same. I've always been spiritual. Again, since I was a child, I would say profound things to my mum when I was a tiny child. And she'd be like, what is this child going on about? And like you say, you can't deny who you are, and I'm just trying to now fall into that and bring that into, to this business. But I just thought it was interesting and wondered if you'd had a particular experience around that. 

So throughout this journey that you've had and your career, And I'm sure there have been lots of different life lessons, but is there one thing or a couple of things that stood out for you in terms of something that you'd like to share with the listeners today?

Why are your thoughts important when trying to manifest money?

Vanessa: I think there are lots. There really is lots and the big thing it was actually a proverb that says be careful how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts. 

So that changed me radically because I discovered that in my process of learning more about wealth consciousness and that, but still, it is so true to today in everything that I do, because of every thought that I'm thinking is shaping what's happening. It's shaping what the next 10 minutes are going to be like. It's shaping what the next five years are going to be like. So for me, I think that would be my biggest life lesson on this journey that I've been on. It's to be so aware of what I'm thinking.

Beth: so if somebody who is having maybe a negative thought or not the thought that they would want to have in order to get them to where they need to be. What would you say would be a great step to do to change that mindset?

Vanessa: I think probably three things are key. And that would be; number one, you got to change the thought, right? So how do you change the thoughts? So you need to know what's possible because there's a lot of times you might have this negative thought based on a previous experience because that's where all of our thoughts come from.

But if you don't know, what's possible, how do you just change the thought? I love affirmations, and I love journaling and all these things, but simply changing the thought doesn't necessarily work. It's if you say, for instance, let's say my negative thought is you will never be rich. Okay. So for me to simply change the thought and say, I am going to be rich, or I am rich. Your brain kicks in immediately and says, you're not. Yeah. And you're like, yeah, you're right. I'm not. And then you go down a whole other head spiral. But when you have that awareness, like when I discovered financial freedom and I got this awareness, you know what - It actually, it is possible for me to be financially free.

The only reason why I'm not is that I have not applied specific strategies. So then I can change my thoughts, and I can say, I'm learning how to be rich. Now my brain is not giving me flack about it and saying, no, but you're not because it's true. I'm learning. And then it's okay. And then like that you started slowly changing past it.

It's about flipping the switch. So literally changing what you're saying to yourself, but then also having the knowledge, what it is, the having that awareness of what is possible.

Beth: Yeah. And what is that vision? Where is it that I want to be heading? What does that vision look like?

Vanessa: Yeah.

Beth: Has there been something that's been calling you throughout this journey that you've obviously ended up at this destination where you are now, but has it been kind of breadcrumbs along the way that have almost been pulling you in a particular direction.

Vanessa: I think it's been a gradual process of changing and discovering and just my excitement growing. I feel this; I was telling a friend of mine the other day like I have such a big vision for my future. I teach people about vision boards and things, but I said it's etched on the inside of my eyelids. Because if I close my eyes, I can see it. Like it's there. Boom.

And that I believe is from spirit because I didn't create that vision because it's so much bigger than what I can see. But, so I think it's been this gradual process of changing and finding new things, discovering things, but also coming from the inside of me.

Beth: You've obviously had a very varied career and things. And one of the things that I want listeners to appreciate in themselves is that we all have the skills and experiences that we amass over the lifetime of our career. And sometimes they're not always obvious to us, but if you could, maybe just blow your own trumpet for a little bit, which I know is difficult for some people to do, but I like to call them superpowers.

What are the things that, you feel are the superpowers that you can recognise now and share those with our listeners today?

What is a strategic empath?

Vanessa: I think if I had to put on a hood and a cape and what would be written on my chest is the words strategic empath.

Beth: I like that.

Vanessa: Because I'm extremely strategic. And I did not realise that it was actually a gift because I could literally, and I've done this with a whole lot of people where they'll come to me with an idea. I love to do this, or I really enjoy this. And within half an hour, I'll have a pen and paper out, and we will have a whole business plan. The entire thing planned out. Yeah. This is where you can start. This is where there are going to be the speed bumps along the way, and you need these steps, and then that's it.

And for me, I just thought everybody does that. And people would literally sit back and be like oh wow. And then they can see the vision. Yeah. So in terms of strategy, I've come to realise that, that is a superpower that I have. Because I just see it. It takes zero effort from me whatsoever.

Beth: That's a great superpower. And just the energy that you shared there, you got so excited about it. So you can see that it's a huge part of you. I could almost have presented with your problem right now, and you would come up with this fantastic plan.

Vanessa: I would, and yeah, I get excited. And then the empath side. I think where my superpower comes during coaching, is because I feel deeply I can hear what's not being said. So in that way, I'm able to help my clients to find the money block quickly. Because they'll be telling me the story, but something, I will quickly, feel where the pain was, and I'll be like, okay, there it is.

And I'll ask a question, and they'll be like, Oh the one that I most vividly remember was I was in a coaching session with this one lady. And she was telling me this story. She was struggling with pricing in her business because she was struggling to charge clients. She felt that she should just give it away.

But as she was telling me the story about how she's struggling with the clients, she said something about her mother and immediately I felt that pain. She wasn't saying it painfully, and she wasn't sharing pain, but I just felt it. And I was like, what did your mother say to you? And she looked, and she said, I'm stupid. 

And that just, that was an aha moment for her. And she realised that she couldn't charge her clients because she feels she's stupid. So she feels the clients aren't going to pay her. That's why she can't put out that this is my fee. And so, I really feel that's one of my superpowers. It's just when I feel that moment, and then we're able to get to the block really quickly.

Beth: Well, those are two amazing superpowers.

Vanessa: Thank you.

Beth: that's great to have those in your back pocket. Yeah. And I think a lot of these things do come up in this, come from our childhood. It could be something a teacher says to us, or our dad says too us or our friend in the playground. And we don't realise at that time that they start to bury somewhere inside of us then manifest at a later point in time. And so it just takes a lot of peeling back lots of different layers to get to them. So you're doing fantastic work for people to break through that stuff. That's lovely to hear. 

So in terms of, what is working for you right now. One of the things as part of this year is that I want to give listeners a sense of; if they were thinking about starting a business or maybe they've already started their business and want to understand maybe how they can get themselves out there in the world in what is the best possible way? 

As an entrepreneur, we all have of platforms that we use, but what would you say is working for you right now in terms of getting yourself out there into the world?

How Many Marketing Methods Should I use?

Vanessa: I think what's really working for me now is that I've just found where I'm really strong.

Beth: Yes

Vanessa: So I've tried a whole lot of different things. I mean, I've spoken, I've done blogging. I've tried to have my own podcast. I do my weekly Facebook lives. I've got the weekly, your money mindset episodes that I do and I've been networking in Facebook groups. And I've just actually launched a Facebook ad at the moment. So there are all these different things, and I think. What I want to say is that what's working for me might not work for somebody else. 

The key is to find where you're strong and where your strength is. Because for me, I know if I take, for instance, writing a social media post or a blog post versus me doing a Facebook live. My strength is on the Facebook Live because I can fully show up exactly as who I am and how I am and what I want to teach. 

Whereas I find if I'm trying to write a blog post, it will take me a week. Because now I'm trying to find the words and I'm trying to do all these different things.

So I think a key strategy in your business is to find what your strength is? And especially for somebody starting, because like, when I first started online, I was trying all these different things and nothing was working in at one point I felt like such a failure. Because now I can't do anything. Instead of just finding what's that one thing that I'm really strong at and doing that until I start seeing success, then adding on something else and adding on something else.

Beth: That's so important, isn't it? Because like you say. You can't be good at everything. And I think it is really important to find that thing. There have been times when I've felt. "Oh, should I be doing Facebook Live?" When for me, that is not my thing.

That isn't where my strength lies. My strength lies in writing and copy and creating emotions through words and hopefully through this podcast. So yeah. I want people to listen to the different ways that you can do things, but absolutely. If something's not working, don't get hung up on the fact that something like a Facebook Lives isn't your thing because it isn't for everybody.

Vanessa: And some people actually teach that. That it's the only way to go.

Beth: And  And how can it be?

Vanessa: It can't because not everybody enjoys watching Facebook lives. A lot of people prefer reading something. So we want to attract our tribe, and it's in our strength that we attract them. So you writing that beautiful blog post with your skills that you have is going to attract the people that are your perfect tribe versus trying to muster up everything to do a not so great Facebook live, which is not going to draw in who you want to attract anyway.

Beth: Yeah. And what happens is that you just end up procrastinating for a week because you don't want to do the Facebook live.

You have told us a lot about your career and journey to this point, but what do you visualise for yourself in the future? What's coming up for you? What are you working on, and where do you see yourself?

Vanessa: In the future, my money mindset mastery program that I'm working on. It's an eight-week program. I envision that as a woman's empowerment tool, I work specifically with coaches because that's just where I'm really passionate. And I believe coaches have so much to offer people and to help people just breakthrough certain things in their lives.

So if I can help them take the first step, get over their money blocks so that they can be helping people. That's where my core passion is at, at the moment. But in the future, I definitely see this as a women's empowerment tool in places like corporate. I do believe people like salespeople actually need this training.

Their sales would be so different. Woman in refugees who have come from abusive relationships and maybe they've been, in a sense financially abused, and now they're broken at this level. This program could be a tool for them. For them to break through those things that they've been through.

So literally I see a global women's empowerment of things. That's why I say this is so much bigger than what I can even like to see.

Beth: Yeah, I love that. Thank you so much for sharing your story today. I think there's been so much value in that for the listeners. Where can people find out more about you and your upcoming course?

Vanessa: So if they go to my website, The course is there. They can connect with me on Facebook. They can find me as Vanessa V Ferrera. If you want to hop onto my personal profile, that's fine. Send me a message on my Facebook page, and yeah, I'll be glad to tell them more about it and how I can help them.

Beth: that's great. And I'll put everything in the show notes as well, so people can easily access that.

Vanessa: thank you so much.

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