How to get rid of Self-Limiting Beliefs about Money when Manifesting.
How to Get Rid of Self Limiting Beliefs About Money

Episode #72

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How to get rid of self-limiting beliefs about money when manifesting

Well, what a year it has been. I am officially into season two of the Visualise You Show. And I'm so grateful to all the listeners and everybody that has downloaded the show. To all of my guests. And I cannot wait to share with you more guest expert interviews and solo shows and lots of other things I've got coming up over the next couple of weeks

So, I kicked off Season Two with a solo show all about how to get rid of negative feelings that we have around money, especially when we are trying to manifest and create more abundance in our life. 

 I believe this has got to be one of the most frequent questions that come up for people around money, because well, we would all like a bit more money. And the idea for this episode came from a member of my community, Manifesting for Spiritual Souls and Entrepreneurs.

If you are not currently a member of the Visualise You community, head over to Facebook. We go live every single Thursday or Friday. I have an Ask Me Anything thread where you can ask about visualisation, manifesting, affirmations, gratitude, staying positive and any advice you might need for your business or as an entrepreneur looking to grow your businesses. 

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So, this week Monica Ann asked: 

 "I am good about staying positive, visualising saying my affirmations. However, when something negative happens, money-wise, like an unexpected bill. I lose my focus, and it's really hard to regain. And I also start to think negatively, what should I do?"

This is an excellent question because how many people experience this every day and would want the answer to this?

How can you regain your positivity when that unexpected bill drops in our lap, and we don't know where to find the money to pay for it? How can you maintain a positive vibration to attract money when things like this happen?

Let's talk about money and manifesting. 

 The first thing that I want to say is that you need to know and feel that you are already wealthy within you. This is one of the very first things that you need to do as a money manifester. 

 You need to feel and know that you are already wealthy within. When you do that, you will start to attract a matching reality. Instead, sometimes when we worry about money, we focus on the scarcity or the lack and not having.

And if that is what we are feeling inside, that is what we are attracting. So, it would help if you acknowledged that you are an infinite creator who is abundant and worthy and that in an instant, you have the choice to co-create with the universe. Think of all that creativity inside you, think of all those ideas, think of all the abundance that resides inside of you.

Suppose you're not focused on your creativity. In that case, your abundance, your ability to co-create, you are focused on lack and scarcity and feeling like you're going to run out like you are depleted, you will feel contracted and not expanding. So, you must stop focusing on the lack of money and instead focus on the creative process and what you already have.


Being grateful, which I know I talk about a lot, is one of the fastest ways to get into that high vibration. Being appreciative of the little things of the things around you right now in that instant will call you back into a more positive vibration.

So how [00:05:00] do you do that?

Ask yourself these two questions. 

1. What does wealth mean to you? 

2. What would wealth allow you to do? 

Pause for a second and write a few keywords down. So, when I think about wealth, I think about freedom, the ability to do whatever I want whenever I want, that expansiveness, that flowing of energy in my direction. I feel happy. I feel successful. I feel energised

 Some of the keywords I used there were freedom, expansive in flow, happy, successful. Now that you have your keywords, think of times when you felt this way; when did you feel this free, expansive, inflow, happy about money?

For me, that sense of freedom came when I was finally able to hand my notice in, at my job and not [00:06:00] do that thing that was making me feel incredibly unhappy every single day. That lifting of a weight off my shoulders, knowing that I was going to get up every morning doing what I loved, that for me was the feeling of wealth.

So, when you can identify the feeling and remember what it felt like from your past experiences and memories, you can tap back into the energies of the emotions and thoughts and use your existing understandings to bring you to a more positive expansive vibration. 

 Those are the feelings and emotions that you need to tap into and experience right now because these are precisely the emotions and feelings you are trying to create when you are thinking about wealth. To attract wealth, you need to assume the identity of all of those feelings right now.

Like Monica, if you have that self-awareness when an unexpected bill drops in your lap, and you can feel something changing in your body, in your outlook, and in the [00:07:00] way you are thinking. Even though those feelings may be going from positive to negative, the very fact that you are aware of them, the fact that you can catch yourself in that moment, is incredibly powerful.

Manifesting tools for wealth.

 So, we can use different manifesting tools and processes to [00:08:00] help us get back to feeling positive again. Now I will always mention the rampage of appreciation, which is the ability to be grateful for all of those things currently in your surroundings.

So, if that unexpected bill lands, you can look around your surroundings and quickly think about things that you can be grateful for that relate to money and wealth.

For example, you might think or say.

· I'm grateful that I have the money in my bank account to pay for this bill.

· I'm grateful that I'm going to be able to make this bill payment on time.

· I'm grateful that I am self-aware and able to deal with this problem.

· I'm grateful that I have an accountant who can help me shave off some expenses and find some money.

· I'm grateful that I have a bank where my money comes in and grateful for all of my clients that pay me each month.

· I am grateful to be able to spend money on things that I love.

· I'm grateful that I can go on holiday and save for things that I would like.

So, whatever that positive [00:09:00] feeling is around money, try to find it, even if it feels difficult at first if you just cannot come up with things, look around your space and be grateful for the food in your fridge, the. TV that you watch your favourite film on, the bedding on your bed, the food you eat, whatever you can think of just by looking for everyday gratitude.

If you cannot appreciate even the small amount of money that you have right now, you will not do it with more significant amounts of money. So really get excited and appreciative of the things that you do have in your life.

The Focus Wheel Process

I have a great process that I love to share with my [00:10:00] clients. And this is the focus wheel process. To do this:

1.) Draw a large circle on a page, a big circle,

2.) In the middle of that circle, draw a slightly smaller circle,

3.) Write in the centre circle the negative thoughts and feeling that you are having about money.

For example, I am worried about paying this unexpected bill. 

4.) Look at the circles as if they are a clock face and then list twelve different things going around the circles that are a better feeling thought to the one in the centre. For example,

I am glad I've received this bill now so that I can tackle my finances. I'm so happy that I have an accountant who can help me find money to pay this bill. I am glad that I can spend money on things that I love. I'm glad that I'm able to save for a holiday and so on.

5.) Keep going around the wheel until you have got your twelve better feeling, thoughts and you will start to see how you can shift your perspective from feeling negative to positive in an [00:11:00] instant.

The Wallet Process

Now there is another really simple game that I like to play about money. And that is to take a hundred-dollar bill or the highest denomination of a note, depending on where you are in the world and to stick that in your wallet or purse. 

 Now, this is important; you're not ever going to spend this note. If you don't have a high-value note, you could also write yourself a check yourself for whatever amount you like. Then next time that you are out shopping, you can mentally spend this money over and over again.

Doing this will get you into the feeling of knowing that you always have money and that it is an endless supply. You can pay for whatever you want, whether it's your groceries or your petrol, or a new dress or a computer or a new phone, or a holiday, whatever that might be. 

Doing that often and regularly will get you into a higher vibration and allow you to assume that feeling of abundance and the ability to buy the things that you want. It might seem silly, but being able to spend [00:12:00] that money with your mind is going to help you raise your vibration and the way you view wealth, taking you from scarcity to abundance.

Doubling up on repayments and Saving

Another thing that you can do, especially if you have debts, is doubling up on that amount every month. Doubling up that small amount will quickly decrease your debts, or if you don't have debts, ensuring that you save every single month will also increase your wealth consciousness as you begin to see your bank account rising every single month.

Even if it is a minimal amount, just seeing that amount increase in your savings and seeing the debts decrease month on month is really going to help you maintain a positive relationship with money.

I hope this has been helpful. Do let me know if you have any tools and tips for manifesting money; what do you do? How do you overcome your self-limiting beliefs whenever things come up around the topic of money?

You can do this by leaving me a comment below or by joining me over in my community. Or why not leave me a review on iTunes or tag me in your social media stories and let me know what you loved [00:13:00] about this episode.

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