Figuring out your values for your heart centred business.
Heart Centered

What do you stand for?

Let’s talk about vision and values.

Or more importantly YOUR vision and values.

Granted if you’re not a large corporate business, you might think it doesn’t really matter about being able to articulate what they are.

But what if it does matter? What if knowing them, might give you some clarity on who you are, what you stand for and more importantly what you won’t stand for.

And if you are running a business or dream of starting one soon, what if being clear on your company values, might be the very thing that makes you stand out from the competition, makes you attract the right clientele, the right staff and create the right products and services?

If you are anything like me, you might have worked at a few companies that have these kinds of statements, usually a list of fundamental beliefs and guiding principles about how you should act and behave and believe at your core.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an aspiring one, I believe it’s important to figure out your personal vision and values as early as you can.

Imagine how much more invested your customers and future employees would be if they truly stood for the same things as YOU!

So, in the spirit of practising what I preach I’ve taken the time to figure out my vision and values for Visualise You. These are the values that after much deliberation are important to me and which I want to bring into my vision for my business.

They are the traits of who I aspire to be, the traits of those I want to work with and the traits I want to help bring out of those people I work with. They will underpin every product and service I create and deliver in the future.

They make me excited and vulnerable at the same time, but beautifully connected with who I am at my core.

My vision and values for Visualise You, the community and future products and services I deliver will involve, develop and encompass:

1.) A strong sense of self

2.) Empowerment

3.) Vision driven

4.) Joy

5.) Creativity to articulate & visualise the best version of oneself.

6.) Authenticity

7.) A sense of belonging

8.) Resilience

9.) Confidence

Going through the process of developing my vision and values has been a positive experience. I look forward to bringing my vision and values to life over the coming weeks, months and years ahead 😊

Do you know your vision and values? Maybe you already have some, but it’s time to reflect and refresh? Leave your comments below.

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