100 Things To Do In 2021
100 Things to Do in 2021

Every year during Christmas and New Year, I take a little time to reflect on what I achieved in the year just gone and start to write out 100 things that I'd like to do in the year ahead. 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. And it goes without saying that many things on our to-do lists, did not get accomplished this year.

But even so, it's still a good thing to check in and reflect on what you have achieved, even if it's not the same as you had expected. You might just surprise yourself.

In this episode #20 I share with you my 100 Things To Do Method. It will help you think creatively about what you want to happen in 2021 and how you can get more intentional with your goals and where you might want to focus your energy. It also fits really nicely with visualisation, gratitude, meditation and affirmations.

Listen to episode #20 and write out your won 100 Things to Do in 2021

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 [00:00:00] hi, everybody. Happy new year. Welcome to the very first episode of 2021 for the Visualise You podcast. I'm your host Beth Hewitt, and what a strange beginning to 2021 it is. So [00:01:00] it is the morning after Boris Johnson announced last night that the UK is going back into national lockdown.

So I guess we all knew it was coming. But it's not the best, start when everybody is wanting to push forward with the year. Everybody's got their good intentions, their new year's resolutions, a new focus for the year. And then we got back into lockdown and things look really difficult again.

So I'm really feeling for all of the children first of all, I know my niece was in tears and my own daughter was devastated yesterday about what that means for students and exams years and things like that. And missing their friends. And then just the whole uncertainty of being furloughed or losing work or having to work from home again, because you homeschool and all of that stuff, we went through the first time, but I want this episode to be positive as always, so I [00:02:00] thought I'd share with you is what I do every single year. I've been doing this probably for about six or seven years now.

And that is at the start of the year. I will write a hundred things I want to do in the year. So a hundred things I want to do in 2021. And it can be really difficult to do this. You get to about 25 and you start struggling for things to write down, but the beauty of writing down a hundred things to do is that it really gives you a focus for the year.

It gives you real clarity and allows you to be a bit more intentional about what you do for the rest of the year.

It can take a little bit of time to really think about what it is that you want to do. But actually, if you're somebody who is turned off by kind of project plans or goal setting, it's actually a nice and easy way to just list the things that you want to do.

My cat is now sneezing. I don't know if you can hear that, otherwise it's just me, giggling, at my cat. I’ve got a feeling she's going to start meowing in a [00:03:00] minute because she wants to go in the bedroom with my daughter who is now homeschooling. okay. Where was I getting distracted? So yeah, writing down a hundred things that you want to do in 2021 it takes a little bit of time to really focus in on the things that you want to do.

Now. I just sit there for as long as it takes and write them out, but you can actually get really specific with the things that you want to focus on. For example, I've seen this. done where you can actually break it down so it becomes a lot more simpler for you to think about where you can do, maybe 10 things you want to accomplish. 10 things you want to create to learn, share, improve, see experience, organize, dream, or change in the year. so that might be something that you want to do if it helps you categorize and really focus in the specific areas,

The other things that you could do, and this is more of the way that I do it when I get stuck, is take the different themes of your life. So maybe [00:04:00] 10 things that are specific to your house or home. You'll live life, your career, or your job. The community that you're working in, or maybe volunteering, your business. If you have a business to do with your family and friends and your relationships, your emotional and physical health, travel, and holidays.

. So there's no right way of doing this, but it will certainly help give you that focus, give you that clarity and allow you to be more intentional with what you want to be showing up in your life. And it goes hand in hand with journaling and creative visualization and using visualization because it gives you a focus from the outset of the thing that you want to show up in your life.

So I'm going to share with you my hundred list. I don't mind sharing this with you. I think it will help give me that accountability of putting out there, the things that I want to manifest this year.

Let me find my a hundred things to do in 2021. Okay. Number one pay off my mortgage. Number two pay off all debt. I [00:05:00] think those two are probably on everybody's list. Three is to get a new car, so I don't currently have a car right now. It went kaput back in October, and just because of locked down and really not needing the car. As often as before, it didn't seem like a high priority, so that's been quite a new experience for me to not have a car, but hopefully this month.

So number four is to make over a hundred thousand in revenue. Number five is to increase my email list by 15,000, my cats started meowing. Number six is to do a minimum of 50 podcast episodes in 2021, actually, quite a lot of my, to do list is based around the podcast and business, but that makes total sense.

And so you might want to think about that. You might want to think about. The things you're trying to accomplish the most in your life right now, and really focus your a hundred things around those because they can act as steps to get you to the goals that you want to achieve.

Number Seven is to hit 500 downloads per [00:06:00] episode, and that's because one of my main goals for 2021. In how I monetize the podcast, is to have and attract sponsorships to the show, number eight, get listeners in over a hundred countries from around the world right now, I think I'm at about 25 countries. So I don't think that's too much of a stretch goal, but I’m really looking forward to having listeners in more countries.

Number nine is to make no less than 5,000 a month.

Number 10 is to leave the clinical commissioning group. So I currently work part-time I do six days a month. So about a day and a half a week for my Local Clinical Commissioning Group and this income has really allowed me to be able to start a business, has been able to run my business around. that income. [00:07:00] So if you were thinking about pivoting or changing your career this year, you could think about doing something like that. Do you have the skills and experiments that would allow you to be a non-executive director?

Or do some freelancing. And so I'm really grateful that I had that opportunity and I still have the opportunity to do that currently, obviously in that role. But I would like to give that up. I would like to release it back into the universe for somebody else to do, and really monetise the podcast and grow the business.

So number 11 is having 200 active affiliate partners, and I really love affiliate marketing. It's something that I've done since around 2009 when I was a blogger and I would have, that was how I made my money as a blogger. I would sell courses and products and share the services of other people as well as create my own products and services. So number 12, is to sell over [00:08:00] 10,000 of my own courses. Now that is a massive stretch goal, but I'm committed to that. I'm currently turning what was an e-book into a course. I have an eBook around, creative journaling and how you can use journaling to really manifest the things that you want to show up in your life. So I want to create a course out of that to give people step by step instructions of how to do that.

Number 13 is to do two masterminds. So that is a mastermind that I will deliver for heart-centered entrepreneurs and individuals who can attend the masterminds I put on. Number 15 is to get interviewed on 20 different podcasts. Now, I actually had a flurry of podcasts that I was interviewed on just before Christmas.

I think I was on about 10 or 12 podcasts. So I'd really like to continue in that vein. I'm really seeing the benefits of being on other people's podcasts. And it's just great to get yourself out there and to be visible on [00:09:00] other people's platforms.

 So number 16 is to interview 10 big influencers. So I would like to interview people who are, I consider to be influencers in my space and give them my platform for them to come on my platform and I can interview them. And then they can maybe share me with their followers. Number 17 is to buy a bigger house.  So I am forever grateful for our house that we have right now, we haven't done much to improve the house. And we spent a lot of money a couple of years ago landscaping and decking the back garden. And I have a summer house and we have beautiful outside space, but I don't have that much inside space. And, with the podcast in this year. And just with my daughter playing every instrument under the sun, it has become more and more apparent that we need more space.

I need a music room. I need another office. We need more space in the house. That would be absolutely amazing to have a bigger house in [00:10:00] 2021. Number 18 is to get a dog. And I'm saying that really quietly because my daughter always asks for a dog. And I've always said no. And one of the reasons is that I don't have the space for dogs as well, but it would be lovely to have a bigger house where the dog inside.

Number 19 is to go on to holidays. Now, holidays were difficult in 2020, we didn't have a family holiday as such. We did get out and about at the beginning, before the pandemic, we went to London and went to the theater and did some stuff like that. But we didn't really do much during the summer. Number 20 is to buy Tony a new car.

Again, I'm saying that quietly. He's not here, so I don't know why I'm saying it quietly, but that would be so nice to be able to grow my business and then buy him a new car. At number 21 is to put 30,000 in Leigha's university fund. Leigha is doing her GCSEs this year and shell be starting her a levels in around two years, but it would be so [00:11:00] nice for her not to have the burden of student loans.

I only recently paid my student loans off. I think maybe in the last five years, maybe a bit more than that. I can't remember, but yeah. Took me a while to pay my student loans off because when you're on maternity leave and then when you work in part-time and then eventually go up to full-time, it could take a long time.

I think for women, especially to pay off their student loans. Number 22 is to buy new clothes. so this last, weekend I've done a lot of de-cluttering and I've thrown out. I did the whole Marie Kondo is Marie Kondo. I’ve forgotten her name but anyway, I did that whole way. Where you do the who are your clothes bringing you joy malarkey, and I threw a lot of clothes out, so I would like to buy some new clothes in 2021. And I think just because we're not going out as much, we don't tend to, we're not shopping as much, and we don't have as many occasions to buy new things for.

So it would just be nice to have some new clothes, even if I'm just wearing them around the house. Number 23, it would be to get some massages. [00:12:00] One of the things that I've missed is going to a spa. Not that I went to them all the time, but just having that me time. So I would like to be able to get some massages.

Number 24 is moving on from that is to go to a spa. And I actually, for my 40th, Tony bought me a voucher for a spa, and it would be so nice to use that at some point this year, number 25 is it spend more time with my nieces Esmee and Emilie. We used to do something where Auntie Beth would take them out somewhere. And we went to the zoo the year before in 2019, but we didn't get that. We saw each other in 2020, but we didn't spend the time that we usually do. And that's been the same for everybody.

So I would really like to do something special with Esmee and Emilie in 2021. Number 26 is to spend more time with my dad and for the same reasons. Didn't see my dad much in 2021. So that would be nice to do. Number 27 is to buy more flowers. So I just [00:13:00] think it's really nice when you've got flowers around the home. At number 28, Is to paint my nails more. And I think this just comes back to this fact that we're not going out more there's no need to paint my nails, but actually I think it's quite nice to paint my nails.

Number 29 is to have clearer skin. Now I had horrible skin when I was growing up and I still don't have the best skin. So I just like to concentrate more on my skin and have better looking skin in 2021. Number 30 is something that we all would like to feel and that's to feel healthy and strong number 31 is to have my asthma under control. It’s actually a lot better than it was, but I think being housebound in 2020 really affected my breathing. You might hear sometimes hear me gasp in between my sentences. That's because of my asthma. So I just like to get my Asthma a little bit more under control. Number 32 is going out for family meals. So this year I spent a lot of time doing Hello [00:14:00] Fresh and cooking from home, but it would be so nice to grow and do some more family meals.

Number 33 would be to go traveling.  I don't know to what extent over to go traveling, but I think just to see more places when we can number 34 is to write a book. And this was something that I was toying between before I started the podcast, do I start podcast or do I, write a book and I plumped for the podcast obviously, but it will be lovely to write my first book.

In 2021. So number 35 is to publish a book. Number six is to get published in at least 10 magazines. Number seven is a sing, sing. So I love singing. I have sung for a long time Many of my old friends will know that I love to sing, but because of my asthmas, been deteriorating and because I've been losing my voice quite a lot.

Again, because of my asthma, I felt really sad about losing my singing voice. I'm really hoping that. 2021 will be on my vocal cords and I will be able to sing again. [00:15:00] Number 38 is to go to America. Now I have so many friends in America. It would be lovely to go to that country and experience it all.

So who knows it, maybe that will happen in 2021? Number 39 is the planner retreat with Fawn and KJ. My new friends in the podcast community who I'm currently doing mastermind with. And we’ve talked about. A little bit tongue in cheek, but I think also with some clear intention that we would really love to create a retreat for others, whether it's this year or next year but I’ve put it on my list for 2021.

And so number forty is to deliver a retreat with Fawn and KJ. Number 41 is to get an assistant and to grow my team. I would really love to have lots of people helping me grow my business in 2021. Number 42 is to get a new bedroom. My bedroom is just dying. The only room in the house, which I feel really sad about, and I knew that I will get a new lease of [00:16:00] life if I have a new bedroom.

So new carpets, new wardrobes. Oh my goodness. My, my draws in my bedroom. I just like falling over and there's just no room. I actually have to fit my clothes in my daughter's bedroom because I don't have the space to fit them in our bedroom. So I just want a new bedroom with fitted wardrobes and new bed and carpet and curtains and blinds or whatever.

And that would make me feel so much better. So number forty-three is to get some blinds for the bedroom. And number 44 is to actually get a new door for Leigha's. Bedroom wardrobe we have it's like a, it's not a wardrobe. It’s, a built-in space. I kind of, I don't know how to explain it. It's not a walk-in wardrobe because you can't walk into, it's like a step up. but anyway, we took the door off, so we need to put a new doll back on. Number 45 is to clean the decking outside, which has like a yearly task. But I feel so much better when the decking is gleaned. [00:17:00] Number thought six is to finish the garden.

So we did the garden a couple of years ago, but there are a couple of things I just want to finish off. Number 47 is to de-clutter draws and cupboards at least four times a year. I don't know about you, but when I do a declutter, I feel so much better. I certainly feel that when you declutter and let go of things, you are allowing more things to come into your life, more new things to come into your life.

Number 48 is to go to the cinema on my own. Now people laugh at me, but I really enjoy going to the cinema on my own. And obviously cinemas have been closed during 2020, but there's something about getting a drink, getting some popcorn, and just sitting down to watch a film all on your own and just melting into the experience.

Number 49 is to go to the theater.

 [00:18:00] Number 50, we are halfway.  Bear with me guys, is to cancel my gym membership, but now it's been, suspended whilst we've been in lockdown. So [00:19:00] I've, haven't actually been paying for it. But as soon as we do come back out of lockdown, again, I will be canceling my gym subscription because there is just no need for it.

At 51 is to be myself more.

I really feel that in 2020, I let go of some of the things that were maybe holding me back in the past. I've always been very conscious about how I can be a professional businesswoman, but also have the spiritual woo side. And I've just grown to learn that is who I am is who I have always been.

And me hiding that from the world is doing the world a disservice. And so I'm just going to be myself even more. Number 52 is to do more Facebook lives. So I did a couple of Facebook lives in my community at the back end of 2020. I don't feel like video is my thing. I know I want to do more of them, but, yeah, where I get my energy, I much prefer writing or doing the podcasts.

Number 53 is [00:20:00] to make hundreds of new friends from all over the world. I love meeting and speaking to new people and I want to continue to do that in 2021. Number 54 is to spend more time outside. I think the reason my asthma suffered so much is because I've been inside and just not getting a new, fresh air in 2020. And even though we tried to make those attempts to go out and do our walk and exercises, it just hasn't happened the same as it normally works.

I would like to spend more time in the fresh air outside in 2021. Number 55. is to see my other nieces, Cora who has just turned one last October and a new niece, bump who is due to arrive in a couple of days. So it would be lovely to see Cora and whatever bump will be called. How exciting! Number 56 is to drink more water.

number 57 is to get 10 sponsors for the podcast.

Number 58 is to go to [00:21:00] two concerts. Number 59 is to get more ornaments and decorations for the house.

I have this thing where I don't have too many pictures on my walls. I don't really understand what the reasoning behind that is. So I would just like to get some more mirrors, get some more shells, put some more pictures up it's almost like I've got this blank canvas and I'm not sure what to put on it.

I don't know whether it's like a metaphor for my life, but yeah, some ornaments and decorations in 2021 would be really nice.

Number 60 would be to get a music room for all of the instruments that are currently in our house. We've got so many, we've got keyboards and violins, and we've now got four guitars. A ukulele, we used to have a French horn.

Yeah, we need a music room Number 61 is to get, an office. So I have a summer house, which is really nice in the spring and through the summer, but it can get quite hot, but in the winter is so cold. Like it is ridiculously cold, and I just cannot work. So when it gets to about October to February time, I just cannot work [00:22:00] in the, in a summer house after work inside.

And so I don't have an inside office, but I have a foldable desk, which is amazing. But it's not the same as having my own space inside.

Number 62 is to get some new podcast equipment. So I have a white snowball, which has been amazing around a helpful for me getting started. And it's actually something that I bought for Leigha a few years ago. When she said you wanted to do some YouTube videos, but then never did. So I've just been using the white snowball to record my podcasts, but it would be really nice to upgrade my equipment as I get more serious about podcasting in 2021.

Number 63 is to meditate at least 20 times a month. So I normally aim to meditate every single day if I can. That's lapsed a little bit over Christmas and new year just because everybody's been at home and it's been harder to find time to meditate. But yeah, at least 20 times, a month.

And I'm 63 is to journal every single week. So I journal every single Sunday. It used to be at 10 o'clock start to get a little bit less. My daughters got older, but I would like to get more [00:23:00] into the habit of journaling every single week, because there are so many benefits to it. And I want to practice what I preach.

Number 64 is to dress the way that I want. And that's not to say that anybody's saying that I can't dress the way that I want, but I think we've all let ourselves go a little bit. Maybe that's a bit of a sweeping statement. I'm sure some of you out there, an absolutely beautifully dressed, but I've just been finding myself wearing jeans and not wearing skirts and dresses because I'd been at home.

And who says you can't wear skirts and dresses when you are at home in lockdown. Number 65 follows on from this and this is just to do more with my hair. Maybe some headbands are wearing you open more ponytails. I think you've just got a bit boring with my hair. Maybe curl it more or something. Number 66 is to get new makeup.

I don't know what your makeup back is like, but it's just a mix of everything and it will be just really nice to find the perfect makeup for every day. I still feel, even at the age of 40, that I'm still experimenting with trying to [00:24:00] find the best makeup number 67 is to drink less caffeine, which about already started doing an hour, actually quite dramatically.

I've been drinking lots of peppermint and licorice teas and other flavors. but I found myself occasionally needing that kick of caffeine. So I'm just wondering. Be intentional about drinking less caffeine in 2021, number 68 is to eat less chocolate. Chocolate is, I love it so much, especially a really dark chocolate, but it is the worst for me.

It just gives me dark circles and it makes me feel so sluggish. And especially after Christmas time, when you got like boxes of chocolates and things as gifts, I need to eat less chocolate. Numerous 69 is to have a Reiki done I've never had Reiki done, which even surprises me given the way that I am, but it will be really nice to have some Reiki in 2021 Number 70 is to release any past karma and energies.

That's probably an episode in itself actually. So we won't go there today, but yeah, anything that is still holding me back, I [00:25:00] just want to acknowledge all of that and just get rid of it and continue. With positive renewed energy number 71 is to create at least 10 new offers, whether that's courses or services I provide.

And membership sites and masterminds. I'm really excited about 2021. And all that I can offer. Number 72 is to have a more strategic business and a more clearly defined working funnel where I can bring people on this journey with me in a much more strategic way. And so they know what they get in and what they can experience by working with me.

Number 73 is getting asked to speak at five events, whether that's online or offline, hopefully maybe later in the year. Number 74 is to get approached by a book publisher. How amazing would that be? Number 75 is to have at least 12 date nights during year.

Number 76 is actually similar to number 71. And that is actually to come up with 10 different offers and services. [00:26:00] So although I went to create them, I need to come up with the ideas as well. Number 77 is to have more recurring affiliate sales. So this is more passive income. I love affiliate sales, but if they're one time, they're not as juicy as that passive income.

So maybe, where you get in a monthly or annual passive sale from a service that you have provided or recommended to somebody else. Number 78 is to continue to learn more about the law of attraction. Now I have been practicing and reading about law of attraction since I was a child, but there is always more to learn.

And I just want you to become more ingrained in every part of who I am. Number 79 would be to go on a retreat. I think it would be really amazing to spend time with other people in amazing environments and countries and places. Number 80 would be to win an award. I don't know what fall, but it would be lovely to have an award in some recognition for the work I'm doing.

Number 81 would be to win a large amount of money. I don't know on what, because I [00:27:00] don't really play the lottery anymore, but you never know. Number 82 would need a bigger house, but I would like to get a Peloton bike, I used to love doing the bikes when I was at the gym. And I think that would be really nice way to exercise at home.

Number 83 would be to get a cleaner. I do a lot of surface cleaning and my house is always tidy, but it’d be really lovely for somebody else to do that. Number 84 would be to drink more water. Number 85 would be to buy Tony a new bike. Now he looks his bikes, road bikes and trail bikes. It would be a lovely to buy him a brand-new bike. Number 85 would for Leigha to get a bigger bedroom.

Now her bedrooms okay. right now. But she's a growing teenager and she's got more and more stuff and it would just be nice for her to have a bigger space to do whatever she wants to do. Number 87 would be to get rid of my allergies. So I've actually had tests done and they've always come back. I have no allergies, but I do [00:28:00] not believe up one second because I know that I'm allergic to dust and hair fever.

And I have really bad issues with like aerosols and cordial drinks and milk and paint and stuff like that. I know every time I get a test, I'm like, I don't understand what the doctors are going on about, but I'm definitely allergic to lots of different things. Number 88 will be to spend more time with my mum number 89 would be to go see my friend in Ireland.

Number 90 would be to buy my brother and his wife-to-be Becki a house. Number 91 would be to go to Disney world number 92 would be to really help Leigha and support her in her GCSE year. And for her to get really good grades. You did amazing in her mocks, but it would be lovely to support her.

So what is a difficult time right now for any of the children who are doing GCSESs or A levels? 93, would be to help a charity. 94 would be to get more spiritual. I do. I don't know how I can become more spiritual, but I would just like to [00:29:00] embrace that part of me even more number 95 would be to do more tarot.

I use tarot cards quite a lot. I've been using them since I was about 12, but I don't see why I couldn't do that even more. Numbers 96 would be to sell our house and get a bigger one.  Number 97 would be to have a million-dollar idea. How amazing would that be to drop into my consciousness and then create that. Number 98 would be to book more holidays.

Number 99 would be to have lots of fun. And finally number a hundred will be to laugh lots and lots. So that took quite a while. I'm really sorry about that. Went on so long, but I thought actually, me sharing that gives you some ideas around what you can do for yourself and, you've hopefully learned a lot more about me and what I want to show up in 2021.

So have a go, by all means take a picture, tag me on social media at Visualise You on Instagram and Facebook and show me your list. Let me know what you've got to let me know how you have gone. [00:30:00] The other thing that I, I know that I'm harping on about a lot is please do leave me a review. If you have got anything out of any of the podcast episodes I've done since the summer, please do leave me a review. It helps me to get more traction, help us to get more subscribers and listeners. And it really allows me to know if I'm doing this right or wrong, or there's more things that you would like to get out of the podcast.

One of the other things I’ve realized about myself in the last month is how much I enjoy doing the gratitude journey with lots of heart-centered entrepreneurs and individuals who were looking to cultivate a more positive outlook for the lives during December and to get ready for a more positive 2021.

And what that made me realize is that actually that's where I thrive in those environments and those communities. And I decided that my focus of my business for 2021 is going to be more around cultivating those communities and environments for entrepreneurs and [00:31:00] individuals, because I feel as entrepreneurs, especially that we need to be around like-minded people and we need to be able to set or reset, the balance sometimes around how we can show up. How we can become more productive about how we can be more positive, how we can be more intentional, how we convert become more creative. And so that’s what I want to do.  I know that I'm really good at that. I know that I've done that for a long time for lots of businesses in the business support programs that I've delivered for local governments and, I think that would be an amazing thing for me to do for you and other entrepreneurs and individuals who are listening to this podcast right now.

So look out for that. I'm going to be sharing more about how you can get more involved in those communities in the future.

And I think I've already mentioned, be on the lookout for my new journaling course. So it'll be come out very soon. Just putting the final touches to that and yeah let me know how you get on.

And   I look forward to bringing you some of the guest interviews I've got lined up in future episodes. Okay.

I hope you've enjoyed today's show and I'll speak to [00:32:00] you soon. Bye-bye.

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